8 Hollywood Stars You Can See On Broadway This Spring

Hollywood stars are taking over Broadway.
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Broadway is abuzz with a number of inventive new shows and highly anticipated revivals. And while the scripts, music, costumes and other production elements go a long way in making a night at the theater a memorable experience, what would a play or musical be without an exemplary cast? The right actors and actresses in lead and supporting roles can make or break the experience.

Though some shows feature performers who have made a name for themselves in the theater, others started – or became famous – for their roles in Hollywood productions. Whether you're a fan of the screen or the stage, you'll enjoy seeing these eight film stars on Broadway this spring.

1. Glenn Close (Sunset Boulevard)
Locked away in her luxurious mansion, one-time silent-screen star Norma Desmond dreams about the glory days. But when a poor screenwriter crosses her path, she may have just what she needs to return to her former fame. In the revival production of Sunset Boulevard, Glenn Close returns to Broadway to play Norma, a role that earned her a Tony Award the last time around. A frequent presence in the theater, Close also won Tony Awards for her performances in The Real Thing and Death and the Maiden. In addition to her sparkling theater resume, Close is well-known for a number of roles in film, including that of Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction, Marquise de Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons and the title character in Albert Nobbs.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal (Sunday in the Park With George)
The artist Georges Seurat is consumed with one thing: the desire to finish his masterpiece. But what he doesn't realize is that the decisions – and sacrifices – he makes to accomplish this feat will have unintended consequences for years to come. The lead role of Georges is taken up by Jake Gyllenhaal, the Hollywood stud known for films such as Donnie Darko, Nightcrawler, Zodiac, Source Code and Nocturnal Animals.

3. Sally Field (The Glass Menagerie)
Former Southern belle Amanda Wingfield is far from the privileged life she once knew. Abandoned by her husband and left to raise two children on her own, Amanda's only satisfaction comes from trying to find a gentleman caller for her daughter Laura, a painfully shy girl crippled by a childhood illness. Actress Sally Field, who plays the fallen matriarch, is a two-time Oscar winner, recognized for her roles in Norma Rae and Places in the Heart.

4. Mark Ruffalo (The Price)
Estranged brothers Victor and Walter Franz haven't seen each other in decades. But when their father dies, the pair are forced to reunite to divide the estate, a reunion that brings to light years of hurt and resentment. In the Broadway production of The Price, Victor is played by Mark Ruffalo, the actor who has come to international attention in recent years for playing Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the Avengers franchise.

5. Tony Shalhoub (The Price)
The role of Victor's brother Walter is filled by Tony Shalhoub. Though Shalhoub has an extensive screen resume, he is likely most well-known for playing the title character on the television series Monk from 2002 to 2009. He additionally portrayed Jeebs in Men in Black and lent his voice to the character Luigi in Disney's Cars

6. Kevin Cline (Present Laughter)
Life is not easy for self-indulgent actor Garry Essendine. Or rather, it is. But a young, aspiring actress, his ex-wife and a parade of other visitors are making things rather more difficult than they need to be. In the classic comedy Present Laughter, the role of Garry is played by actor Kevin Kline. Over the course of his celebrated career, Kline has won a number of awards, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (A Fish Called Wanda) and two Tony Awards – Best Featured Actor in a Musical (On the Twentieth Century) and Best Actor in a Musical (The Pirates of Penzance).

7. Cobie Smulders (Present Laughter)
The Present Laughter cast also features actress Cobie Smulders in the role of Joanna Lyppiatt. While Smulders is well-known in film for her role as Agent Maria Hill in the Avengers franchise, she became a household name when she landed the role of Robin Scherbatsky in the popular television series How I Met Your Mother. She remained a part of the cast through the series finale in 2014.

8. Kate Burton (Present Laughter)
Joining Cline and Smulders in Present Laughter is Kate Burton, a familiar face on both the screen and stage. Burton has had prominent roles in critically acclaimed TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy (Ellis Grey) and Scandal (Vice President Sally Langston). She's also appeared in a number of films, such as 127 Hours, Stay, Big Trouble in Little China and Max Payne. In addition to the Emmy Award nominations, Burton has also been nominated for three Tony Awards for her performances in Hedda Gabler, The Constant Wife and The Elephant Man.